• Corporate consulting
    Creation of corporations and limited liability partnerships, shareholder’s agreements, formulation of corporate statutes, feasibility analysis.
  • Contractual consulting and assistance
    Preliminary contracts for property sales, business transfer and lease, property lease agreements, purchase and sale of quotas, warranties and related guarantees, preliminary subdivisions.
  • Assistance in insolvency proceedings
    Declaration of bankruptcy, certified restructuring plan, restructuring agreements, arrangements with creditors and agreed bankruptcy.
  • Acceptance of public office
    Mayor’s tasks, auditor’s tasks and tasks as non-executive board member and protector of the trust.
  • Real estate consulting
    Assistance in the management of real estate companies and consulting in real estate investment.
  • Tax consulting and fiscal planning
    Tax consulting and fiscal planning, Analysis of fiscal issues on direct and indirect taxes, fiscal consulting, tax statements and tax compliance.
    Business analysis, identification of tax benefits and tax reliefs, tax scenario analysis, support on investments, tax planning.
  • Fiscal due diligence
    Preliminary meetings, business analysis and necessary planning for acquisition operations, arrangement of fiscal due diligence by a team specialized in tax law, arrangement of fiscal reports and evaluations.
  • Fiscal disputes
    Assistance and representation of our clients during the proceedings at the regional and local Commissions.
    Assistance in the pre-litigation stage with the financial Administration, in order to reach rulings under internal review procedures, tax settlement proposals, conciliation procedures and similar.
  • Advice on tax credits and tax breaks related to innovation
    Advice to companies on the management of the tax variable related to research and development and innovation, as well as on obtaining the related tax benefits, for example. credits for research and development and patent boxes.
    Assistance to innovative start-ups and innovative SMEs, both in the incubation phase and in the start-up of the entrepreneurial project, as well as tax advice to those who intend to invest in them.
  • Agricultural business consulting
    Technical, fiscal and operational support of agricultural businesses during all kinds of related operations, such as agro-tourism or transformation of products. Assistance in extraordinary operations such as contributions or buying and selling, as well as in the creation of agricultural businesses in any possible form of company as stated in the Civil Code.
  • E-commerce consulting 
    Consulting and support in terms of fiscal activities in economic commerce, both nationally and internationally.
  • Tax declarations and electronic communications to the Revenue Agency
    Preparation, or assistance to the Customer in the preparation, and electronic transmission of the income tax returns of natural and legal persons, IRAP, VAT and of tax substitutes.
    Preparation and electronic transmission of hereditary succession declarations.

  • Preparation, or assistance to the Customer in the preparation, and electronic transmission of the various communications and declarations required by the tax legislation.

  • Support in operations of conferment of company branch, changeover, merger-demerger, transfer
    Support and consulting in the operations of conferment, changeover, merger-demerger and transfer of company.
  • Restoration and company reorganization plans
    Support and consulting in terms of restoration and reorganization plans
  • Business assessment
    Verification of consistency of business plans, calculation of company value, evaluation of  intangible assets.
  • Labor Law
    Support and consulting in the field of labor law, contracts and in the building of effective Union-Management relationships, as well as relationships with trade and business associations
  • Recruitment
    Support and consulting in the selection and recruitment of candidates, evaluation of the company’s needs and management of interviews
  • Litigations on labour law and social security matters 
    Support and representation of our clients both in administrative pre-litigation stages and in Court in the first and second degree of judgment.
  • Management and organization of Human Resources
    Assessment of the company’s needs and arrangement of past/future cost analysis in terms of human resources and company budget, evaluation and drafting of the appropriate form of contract, in accordance with the client’s needs, support and consulting with regard to the different kinds of employment relationships, management of employment relationships.
  • Payroll processing
    Payroll processing, management of the relationships with the institutional bodies, processing of related regular statements.
  • Organizational, Management and Control Models pursuant to the Italian Legislative Decree D.lgs. n. 231/2001
    Risk analysis, verification on predicate offence, arrangement of the form, arrangement and adjustment of management procedures, ethical code, support or representation in supervisory bodies.
  • Balance sheet analysis and budgetary control 
    Reclassification of balance sheets, processing of economic-financial performance indicators, calculation of production costs, break-even point, assessment of sales margins, arrangement of management and control systems.
  • Business plan and budget
    Definition of competitive scenarios, trade policies, investment plans, hedging policies, bill of materials.
  • Financial consulting
    Analysis of financial situation, definition of hedging policies, debt consolidation, definition of credit rating.
  • Privacy
    Consulting in the field of privacy.
  • International Accounting Principles (IAS/IFRS)
    “First time adoption”, arrangement of financial statements, evaluation of assets and liabilities, accounting principle of substance over form.
  • Financial statements and consolidated balance sheets
    Accounting control, evaluation of balance sheet items, balance sheet, profit and loss statement, notes to the financial statements, report on management, definition of the composition of consolidation, shares in associated or controlled companies.
  • Accounting Due Diligence
    Internal accounting control, control on the consistency of balance sheet items, verification on liability adequacy.
  • Accounting services
    Bookeeping in both the ordinary accounting procedure and the simplified form, administrative obligations, compliance in terms of VAT and direct taxes, issuing of Entratel payments.
  • Contract support and Consulting
    Contract support and consulting to families for the management of real-estate assets: consulting on both civil and tax law in case of buying and selling of properties; assistance in the various steps of negotiation; drafting and management of rental contracts. Tax and contractual assistance to tax residents abroad who hold assets in Italy.
  • Management of generational transition and Family Agreements
    Support to the entrepreneur in the organization of a business succession plan and in the choice of the most adequate tools to manage the movable and immovable assets in accordance with the civil and tax law in force. More specifically :
    • support in the planning stage, a particularly complex stage because of the need to balance the different family interests with the personal interests of the subjects involved
    • implementation of the selected solution, both through the creation of a family holding and the creation of family agreements and trust funds;
    • finalization of the generational transition.
  • Successions, donations, property divisions and community of property
    Drafting and presentation of the declarations of intestate successions and inheritance, donations, division acts and community of property. Analysis of potential issues, such as: capacity to inherit, unworthiness, representation, acceptance of inheritance, benefit of inventory, separation of the assets of the deceased from those of the heir; renunciation of inheritance, inheritance in abeyance, legitimate heir, reintegration of the reserved quota for legitimate heirs.
  • Capital and trust funds
    Support and consulting in the creation of institutions that allow the separation of assets: consulting in the creation of capital funds (analysis and opportunity), consulting for the implementation of trust funds (analysis and opportunity), search of trustees, assistance for the creation of trust funds and the drafting of “letter of wishes”.
  • Assets protection
    Support and consulting in the creation of institutions that allow the separation of assets: consulting in the creation of “fondi patrimoniali” e “atti di destinazione” (analysis and opportunities), consulting for the implementation of Trust (analysis and opportunities), search of trustees, assistance for the creation of trust funds and the drafting of “letter of wishes”.
  • Real estate and financial assets abroad
    Tax and contractual assistance to tax resident persons in Italy who hold real estate or financial assets abroad.
  • Consultancy and contractual assistance
    Consultancy in the choice of the legal form to be adopted, evaluation of the convenience to enroll in the Single Register of the Third Sector (RUNTS), preparation of the deed of incorporation and statute, civil and contractual advice.
  • Tax consulting
    Analysis of tax issues on direct and indirect taxes, tax advice, tax declarations and obligations.
    Identification of tax breaks, analysis of tax scenarios, assistance in investment decisions, tax planning.
  • Fiscal and accounting compliance
    Accounting and preparation of related documents required by civil and fiscal legislation, tax compliance established by the Third Sector Code and by Presidential Decree 917/1986.